Retrospective – Prospective – 2017/2018
January 3, 2018

Retrospective – Prospective – 2017/2018

As the year comes to a close it is common to reflect on what has been and to also look forward.

The Analysts in 2017

For the Analysts it has been our first full year of trading. I guess if you were to describe it succinctly you would say “It’s gone ok”. We’ve extended our client base; we have started to develop and build relationships with many more; we are continuously honing our product offering; and most importantly we are always learning.

If I was to say what the 3 main lessons have been, they were:

  1. Building relationships with clients takes time in the Business to Business world. Do not underestimate the time that this takes.
  2. Be clear about your proposition and why it is the best option for your client.
  3. Being able to reduce the lead time to deploy resources onsite to meet client’s needs is of great benefit.

Wider reflection

Looking outside our sphere, what would I say about the wider world in 2017. Well there has been tragedy in the UK on many levels, one of the most tragic being the Grenfell Tower fire. This tragedy should never of happened. It could have been prevented. It appears that years of building up standards and controls has been destroyed by Westminster’s obsession with cost cutting. On top of this a demonisation of low income families who were continuously ignored prior to the fire. My heart goes out to those effected.


Elsewhere it has been hard to ignore the circus at Westminster around Brexit fuelled by the UK’s obsessive media. It appears that they have lost sight they have a country to run.

It could be easy to get consumed with negativity with such tragedies as the Manchester bombing; cyber attacks against our NHS; genocide against the Rohingya people; the list could go on. Some positives have taken us forward in 2017 though with a genuine move toward renewables, R&D in battery technology and a commitment to move to electric cars.

Looking forward

Outside of Brexit, I foresee 4 key themes that will dominate from a business perspective in 2018.

  1. Cyber Security – The penny has started to drop for many governments and organisations around the world that cyber attacks and cyber warfare are a significant threat. To counter this, investment will start to increase further but the mind set will need to change. People remain one of the main weaknesses in security controls, the UKs own MPs being a prime example (sharing passwords to networks). Proper training (not just policy statements and some basic computer based training) is required with improved controls and monitoring. Security needs to be in built to every business and operating model.
  2. The Crypto currency bubble will burst. Its growth is unsustainable and some people will lose a lot of money. It is the technology it sits on, BlockChain that will eventually become the game changer. It potentially has the opportunity to help revolutionise financial services. Could BlockChain come of age in 2018?
  3. Rising inflation in the UK will leave UK companies with the ever increasing challenge of staying competitive and maintaining margins. Household incomes will be furthered squeezed with wage increases falling behind inflation. Firms will need to innovate or be left behind.
  4. Regulation that starts to challenge the tech giants. There oligopoly of the industry and failure to deal with the illegal use of their platforms will drive this. The extent of the Russian interference in Western democratic process will become more apparent and the ongoing use by terrorist and extremist groups will add to this. Regulatory intervention will be required.

The Analysts in 2018

In 2018, The Analysts will be looking at a number of new projects. Here is a taster.

  • Enhancing our operating model development proposition to include:
    • Business Model Integration
    • Seamless information flows and
    • Speed framework
  • Extending our resource pool of quality associates to respond to client demand.
  • Idea to market framework to enable ideas to be rapidly developed and tested in the market place.

and of course we will be continuing to learn.

Have a great New Year!

This article is the opinion of the author and not that of The Analysts Consultants Limited.

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  1. Roland Major

    13 Mar 2018 - 12:05 pm

    Hi Charles
    Interesting read which I enjoyed. The term Seamless information flows, really strikes a card. I am working on a new assignment in the transport sector and information flows are a key challenge as they are restricted by commercial and organisation self interest. Information does appear to be an asset for which sharing is the antithesis of power. I will look forward with interest in seeing how this area evolves, I do wonder if this is the biggest area of differentiation between traditional and new tech businesses.

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