Specialists in business analysis & design, solving business problems and realising business opportunities
How We Do It

We begin by seeking to understand your business strategy and environment.  We then gather data and insights to design our solutions and stress test them for feasibility. Applying business architecture and analysis techniques allows us to help clients get to the right answer quickly.

The whole process is project-managed and quality assured by us throughout, and every part of our solution can be tied back to the objective and desired outcome.

Solving the right problem

In the first instance, we seek to understand – your business, your customers and the challenges you have sought our counsel to address. Our investigation is always data and outcome driven and we are dedicated to solving the ‘right’ problem. Whilst this may seem obvious, we have experienced first-hand how misconceptions, a lack of through analysis or internal politics can lead to the ‘wrong’ problem being identified. We are committed to only addressing issues and developing solutions which will have a genuine impact on your business.

Identifying the right people

We will put forward a skilled team, most suited to addressing your challenge. At least one of The Analysts directors will form part of your team. In addition, we have access to our network of specialists – our associate pool. This network comprises only people we know and trust, or who come recommended by them. Our network provides a flexible resource, which we can draw upon as needed.

Ensuring we are the right fit for you

In the interests of our clients and our own commitment to making a difference, we will only take on assignments which we believe can benefit from our skills, experience and business model. If we don’t believe we are the right fit for you, we will provide you with a rationale for why and seek to help you find the right one.

Delivering solutions which make a difference

The solutions we recommend will be specific to your challenge – no ‘off the shelf’ answers. They will be developed through a collaborative approach with you, maintaining an outcome focus with in-built quality assurance measures throughout.

Our methods

We use well-defined techniques appropriate to your assignment which may include but extend beyond:

Our approach, services and solutions can be applied to any stage of the change lifecycle and are fully scalable.

If you would like to know more about us and our services, please see our brochure…

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