Specialists in business analysis & design, solving business problems and realising business opportunities
About Us

The Analysts is a progressively structured business services company specialising in business analysis and architecture. It was founded as a result of its four experienced directors identifying the need for an alternative to traditional resourcing models – better suited to meeting clients’ needs and providing greater value. 

Our alternative business model combines the experience and expertise of its directors with the support of a network of experts, which it can draw upon for their specialist skills.

With over 75 years’ combined experience specialising in financial services, The Analysts have a proven track record of delivering effective change for business organisations.

 “We are passionate about designing solutions which have a genuine impact, and of which we can be proud. Our business model and principles mean we can operate without the constraints that may be present through traditional models, which leads to fulfilling work for us, outcomes that make a difference, and ultimately, truly satisfied clients.”

Our Principles


People are at the centre of our solutions, technology acts an enabler


Understanding our clients’ customers is key to achieving the best outcomes for them


If we do not believe we are the right solution for you, we will tell you. We will only take on work where we believe we can make a difference


Analysis is key, we never pre-empt the problem or the solution, or apply an ‘off the shelf’ approach


We are committed to achieving your objectives collaboratively with your leadership, staff, customers and suppliers


We are dedicated to only producing work of the highest standard

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